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Bicycle Film Festival Montreal 2012

Posted on 19th July 2012 in Uncategorized

I am certain all of you have been on the edge of your seat waiting to hear what is up with this year’s Bicycle Film Festival.


Wait no longer.

We are back with even more incredible films on SEPTEMBER 1st, 2012!!!!

Films anywhere from content on L’Eroica, cyclocross, Georgena Terry [ Founder of Terry woman specific bike components ] ,women’s BMX, & Brunelle city fixed riding.

Everything is higher quality, more amped, more clean cut. Simply incredible.

Start the buzz now….BFF MONTREAL 2012 is going to make you ride harder, laugh more, hug a plenty, and celebrate a love we all share: the bicycle.

Candy Rides – Trailer from jason giampietro on Vimeo.

Trailer IM PULS from treibhaus film on Vimeo.

“Hit ‘Em In The Mouth” Trailer from Matthew on Vimeo.




One Response to “Bicycle Film Festival Montreal 2012”

  1. Martin Leger says:

    Wow cool :)

    Thank you for all the efforts to make this event come to life!!!!! I’ll be there!

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