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Club Cyclist Croix De Fer Track Race August 11th- Bromont

Posted on 1st August 2012 in Uncategorized

Croix de Fer Track Invitational/ Croix de Fer Invitation

Croix de Fer will be hosting a series of races at the Bromont velodrome!


L’équipe Croix de Fer vous présente une série de courses au vélodrome de Bromont!

For most up to date infor please visit


Racing Fee:$12 for any or all three events

If you do not have an FQSC License it will be an additional $15 (this is required, and not optional, we apologize for any inconvenience)

Bike Rental: $15

10:00 Registration begins/ Enregistrement des coureurs
10:30 – Qualifiers begin (Flying 200) / Qualification (200m)
12:00 – Team Pursuit / Poursuite par équipe
2:00 – Devil Takes the Hindmost / Course par élimination
4:00 – Keirin (there will be a durney!)

You will be required to have taped and plugged drop bars. No Bullhorns, risers, or flat bars are allowed on the track. No brakes are allowed on the track either. Make sure your tires are clean from street shit/stuff. ////

Vous serez tenu d’avoir des ”drop bars” avec une guidoline. Aucun freins sur la piste bien sur. Assurez-vous d’avoir des pneus propres pour la piste.

Friday Night you will have the option to Camp at the velodrome and race informal races under the lights and under the stars. Contact us for more information. 10$ per person + $15 insurance for the night to ride the track ////

Camping disponible le vendredi soir! Vous pourrez vous entrainer en soirée pour vos courses! Musique, bière, bbq.

Please keep checking back at this page as we will bring updates regularly.

Visitez cette page régulièrement pour les infos à venir.

We are trying to provide transportation for a minimal fee for ANYONE that wants to come out, contact us immediately if you plan to attend and need transportation.

Sponsor Info:

- A FREE Custom Fillet brazed Track frame from LMNO cycles [ MTL ] to the overall points winner (as long as 50 people register to race)

Event Details:

Flying 200
You will be timed for 200 meters from a rolling start. This time will determine which category you will race in for the rest of the day.

A mass-start race with 6-9 sprint riders and a paced start. Riders draw lots to determine starting positions and start as the pacer (usually a motorcycle, a derny, or a tandem bicycle) approaches. The riders are required to remain behind the pacer, which starts at the deliberately slow speed of about 25 km/h, gradually increases in speed and leaves the track approximately 600–700 meters before the end, at a speed of about 50 km/h. The first cyclist to finish the race is the winner. Keirin races are about 2 kilometers in length.

Devil takes the Hindmost (Miss and Out)
At the end of every set number of laps the last rider to cross the line is eliminated from the race. When just a handful of riders remain, they sprint for the finish.

Team Pursuit (you pick your own teams)
Competed over a distance of 4 km by a team of 4 riders. As with the Individual pursuit the objective is to cover the distance in the fastest time or to catch and overtake the other team in a final. Riders in a team follow each other closely in line to minimise total drag, and periodically the lead rider (who works the hardest) peels off the front, swings up the track banking and rejoins the team at the rear. Since the winning team is decided by the third rider, it is common for one rider to take a “death pull,” where they ride so hard that they cannot maintain the group-pace afterwards. This allows their team-mates to briefly recover behind him before they make a final three-man acceleration towards the finish line.
If there are enough women racing, each team will be required to have at least one woman on it.

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