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Green Mountain Cross Race Sept. 16

Posted on 17th September 2012 in Uncategorized

What a day! Went down to Willston, Vermont to enter Croix de Fer into its first series of fast paced American cross races. Club Cyclist Croix de Fer riders Jan Goh and Jean Roch Marion most definitely made a sponsor mighty proud.  The course was technical and ruthless. With wide uphill turns, BMX style off road track rollers, and fast decents. This was no simple cyclocross race.

Jan raced Cat 3 and finished mid pack in a highly competitive heat and JR entered himself into the king pen racing against Chabanov and many other big names in the sport. JR raced hard and finished the race in good spirits after having to be pulled before the last couple laps for the leaders and ending the race with “these people aren’t human”. The pace was unbelievable.

The Women’s elite was a delight to watch and incredible to see Chantal win it strong and with a giant smile on the entire way. A true inspiration to any rider watching after winning by keeping a consistent speed and relentless confidence.


new friend from Boston

ps: trying to save up for Jean Roch to add this to his bike collection!


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